Website Management

If you feel confident that you can handle the website once we have designed and published it then we can just leave you with our number so that you can call us if you need us. If however your website is going to be developing , growing and flourishing, we would love to stay around and help.

As well as product or image updating there are several web services that you really ought to think about, to make the most of your site. These include :

  • Search engine submissions
  • Traffic statistics analysis
  • Meta-tag renewal
  • Clean sweep link check
  • Competitor check
  • Special offer or Discounts management
  • Online promotion
  • Banner advertising
  • Pay-per-click promotion

Our management packages are designed to suit your needs and budgets. We believe that these services should be used as much as possible to help you get the rankings and website usage that you want for your website.

Updating is at the heart of many aspects of a good website. Current information, new technology, new products and new ideas always deliver bigger audiences. Either by word of mouth or by traffic volume based results in search engines updating your website regularly brings more people to visit it. A “rolling stone gathers no moss” principle. updating can be managed in the following ways.

Updating retainer Рwhere we do the updating

Merchant Interface Рwhere we build an online interface for you to do the updating

Consultant Teaching Рwhere we teach you or your staff how to update the website.