Flash or No Flash

We are still in mourning for the death of Adobe Flash.

We produced this flash based website as a last ode. Don’t try and see it if you are using an i-pad or an i-phone.

Tim Zoll, Website Design

Flash full-immersion websites are going fast – we can’t wait for HTML5

We would LOVE to do more Adobe Flash but we can’t.

and it’s all down to those pesky i-pads and i-phones. You end up having to make two websites, one with flash and one without just so everyone can see it.

Flash Animation for websites used to be where we started thinking about website design. These days we try to avoid it whenever possible, what a crying shame. For a good look at the type of thing we used to do with flash please take a moment to visit www.timzoll.com which is entirely flash based content.

Some of the most interesting, fun, futuristic and functional websites I’ve ever seen are created in Flash. Steve Jobs and his team in their infinite wisdom neglected to create a flash player compatible with i-Pads and i-Phones thereby making thousands of websites either unusable or incomplete when looking at them on those pesky apple devices.

HTML5 with CSS3 is slowly filling the animated void left blank by i-Devices but the official release date is not until 2015. Until then browsers are only catching up with new tags like “canvas” as and when they feel like it. This means that not all HTML5 works on any browser. Google Chrome, as usual, does things right and is possibly the most compatible browser with Safari following a close second then Firefox and Opera and predictably Internet Explorer coming in last place for compatibility.

High Profile websites which use flash :

Sony Music Player

Intel – Museum of me


Ben & Jerry’s Icecream

Jim Carey