Although the whole point of Graphic Design is that illustrations etc. can be made from scratch, a good photo of your product is expected on your website. If you can’t back your product or service up with good images people don’t believe it exists.

“A picture says a thousand words.”

in marketing terms

“A GOOD picture says it with style, a BAD picture says all thousand words slowly and with a terrible accent.”

Stock photos can be bought, for example if you provide a service rather than a product but your company needs something to meet the expectations your customers have. We have accounts with several stock photo companies and can usually find what we need for you.
If you want us to organise photography for you we can but this will take time and has to be done before the main design work starts.

There are many ways to generate a portfolio of photos for your business.

  1. Hire a professional photographer.
    This is one of the best investments you will make for your business. Good photographs can be used again and again throughout your marketing material. Professional photographers work very hard and the results are worth every penny.
  2. Hire a semi professional photographer.
    We know a few good reliable ones in the form of photography students, talented ameteurs with lots of equipment etc. We can arange for them to come and take photos with some direction form us on the day.
  3. Buy a good digital camera.
    You still have ot be able to tuse it and to be able to set the shot up. It’s amazing how many shots we see with full laundry baskets of plastic wrappers in the bottom of the shot. If you’ve got the eye and a good camera and experience4 of using it then you can get shots yourself.
  4. Ask your customers for their pics.
    This works better for some companies than others but some customers like taking pictures of their new boat or picnic hamper. You could even offer a bottle of wine as a prize for the best one.
  5. Take them yourself on a mobile phone.
    Not to be advised.