Our Marketing Principles

We have some great slogans which we love repeating at network events and any other business promotional activity. These are

Be Proud of Your Prices,

Provide Value for Money,

Look good infront of Your Customers,

Use the whole of the Marketing Mix,

If you can’t explain what you do in one sentence then you don’t know what you’re doing,

Make Sure You Do What it Says on the Side of Your Tin.

These slogans form the guiding principles which we use as the backbone of a good marketing campaign. After 15 years of working creative and varied marketing campaigns you get to know what works and what’s a waste of money. Don’t take our word for it though, get us to install some monitoring software on your website so you can see for yourself in terms of people visiting your site, how successful these campaigns are.

We have worked all types of traditional marketing including some more modern types such as viral, guerrilla, ambush and piggyback marketing. Choosing the right campaign or set of campaigns depends a lot on your business and your target consumer.

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