About Us

Head designer and project manager

Timez Design is a hard working graphic design business. Set up in the late 1990s on the North Norfolk coast. Our aim is to help businesses and individuals by providing professional design services. The creative instinct of lead designer Tim Zoll was trained in Design Engineering and Technology at the university of Plymouth and has been honed through  17 years worth of branding and marketing applications for a range of clients and customers. Although technology is always changing his principles of providing simple, honest and beautiful business solutions has remained the same.

Still on the coast in Norfolk our premises at The  Brickyard is always ready to receive customers who would like to talk about their projects. Working locally in places like Norwich and King’s Lynn as well as the odd job in London and Cambridge. Face to face communication is still very important to us, we want to make sure that we get to understand your business so we can provide the best service for you.

We are always asked about our logo and what it represents so here goes. The logo is based on a composite sail design for a Yacht. The craft is sleek and made from exotic materials. We believe that this identity is perceived as earnest and determined, accessible yet without comparison. The rectangle surrounding the sail system obviously represents a computer screen. This rectangle captures the wild spirit of a creative device designed for efficiency, grace and speed.