New Logo for Bennett Crop Storage
bennett block

By focusing at first on the logo we were able to formulate a complete marketing package of applied graphic design. Bennett Crop Storage is a growing business, as such it has a marketing budget. The economics of designing all the new marketing materials in one go certainly made sense. it also enabled Bennett to get […]

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The power of our new Nikon D5500

We are really making the most of our new Nikon DSLR. This is a really useful camera for a variety of work, inside outside and even product shots in the studio. We’ve been trying a selection of lenses, wide angle, telephoto but we think that the 18-300 is the best so far. The large pixel […]

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The Mayor’s Charity Fundraising Event

The Prince’s Trust is a favourite organisation. It was with their help that our business was originally started in 1998. It was with great pleasure that we were able to help fundraise for them in a real way by staging an event at Houghton Hall during the exhibition of paintings from Alexandra The Great’s collection. […]

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QR Codes don’t have to be boring

QR Codes are normally pretty ugly looking black squares on a white background. Most QR readers have a 15% error built in so it is possible to style the code. There are some restriction, especially if you want total compatibility but 15% turn out ot be enough to play with some of the main features […]

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Designing outside London somet…

Designing outside London sometimes had the bonus of no distractions but today it’s full of country businesses, which is good for Norfolk!

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Working in the country once ha…

Working in the country once had the bonus of relaxed procedures but right now it’s full of country businesses, which is good for Norfolk!

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