Logo Design

Almost everyone can recognise about 250 brands from just a quick glimps of the logo.

Probably the first thing a potential customer sees from your business is something with your logo on it. If you live in London you see about 2400 logos every day.  The logo is important.

When we begin the logo design process we will spend some time getting to know your business. We can do this quite quickly at your place of work and it will help us to find a style that reflects the aspirations of your business. The logo is designed specifically for you.

Depending on the complexity of the job we would normally present several options as sketches and then after a meeting to discuss with you the direction of the design we will refine three of those sketches into possible logos. You can then take your final choice from those three and we will work the final design up into branded material.

In essence any logo falls into one of two types Name marks and Graphic marks

These two main categories of logo are broken down again into logo types.

Graphic Marks

Name Marks


Proper Names








Non-Initial abbreviations


There is a psychology of logos, we like to start with that.