Electronic Media

The main advantage of electronic media is portability. Obviously a PowerPoint presentation just sits inside your laptop, or even lighter, animated flash movies delivered to the client via email.Other advantages are the association with modernity, showing that your company is keeping up with the times. Have you ever received a memory stick as a corporate gift? If you haven’t you will soon. The memory stick has a presentation about your company on it, that opens automatically on your PC. Even after the potential customer views the data on the stick and deletes it, they still use the stick. The stick of course has your business identity printed on the side. Brilliant Branding!

Electronic Business Cards, website design kings lynn

Electronic Business Cards

With electronic media you can include sound, multiple graphics, colours, animations, video etc.

Electronic Media, website design kings lynn

Branded displays and templates

  • PowerPoint Displays
  • Business Card CDs
  • Email Flyers
  • XTML Presentations
  • Animations
  • FastSlides
  • Websites
  • MMS Animations
  • Handheld Presentations