Websites as the Cornerstone of Overall PR, Branding and Marketing

A brief history of how it used to be.

In the good old days graphic design was a much lengthier process. Images had to be literally shot with a film camera and projected onto expensive metal plates to get ready for printing. This mean’t that the designs had to be absolutely set in stone, approved and re-approved before they went anywhere near the costly job of presenting them to the general public.

The state of play now

Today, at least for many businesses, the most costly aspect of Branding should be the design. Designers fees have fallen because computers have made their job so much easier. Print costs have also plummeted, with digital print, even small print runs of 100 or less are an efficient way to spread you message. Publication to the internet is even cheaper in comparison.  Computers have made the job of designing faster and more affordable. Even small businesses like some of the ones in Norfolk can afford a designer because the designer can do much more.

The Cornerstone

The website is now usually the first step into the public domain for your brands. The website can be changed easily and cheaply so it can be a test-bed for future design directions. Feeding back into the website are the results of real world branding and marketing which use the website address. Those results can be measured by looking at the log files on your website’s server to show


Designers are in the driving seat. It makes sense to hire a small local designer who can handle the wider aspects of Marketing, Branding, Print and Website design. A designer who can see how it all fits into the bigger picture of “Finding Customers for your business”.