The Insolutions Logo and Brand Development

Insolutions are an insurance brokerage firm specialising in Insurance Archaeology. This graphic shows the insolutions logo in development. At this stage several options had been presented and this is the one that was chosen to take forward into the Brand.

Insolutions logo development


During the next few steps the logo changes from just a sketch into a “High Resolution” graphic capable of being used across a variety of media.


Once the logo has had the finishing touches added to it it can be applied to the website and  brochure as well as other marketing material. Obviously the more time spent on the logo at  the early stages the more impressive the final results in the marketplace.

Fonts for Graphic DesignOfcourse at this stage the”company name” still has to be added to the design story to fully develop the brand or identity. Lots of fonts are trialled in different settings with different graphic elements. Out of a whole sheet of possibilities three fonts are selected for final workups. The whole package is submitted for approval.

At this stage we are still a long way away from actually creating a website or brochure.