Mobile Devices and their implications for website design.

eCommerce and mobile devices

Mobile devices are obviously everywhere and not that obviously too. We are actually surrounded by computers even when we don’t realise it. This Ubiquitous Computing is very helpful to us in our everyday lives. We try and make our websites and graphic design look sensational on all platforms.

We have recently built a shop for one of our clients The Hemp Store. Their shop sells a range of men’s and women’s clothing so you can images there are a lot of products, especially when you consider  that each product comes in different sizes and colours.

It was important to our client that his shop should work on i-phones, android devices as well as the normal pc and mac solutions. This was no bother for us as we code everything as pretty much Liquid Design.

Liquid design just means that the webpage automatically scales according to which size screen is being used for looking at it. In essence it means that at last it is possible to ensure that websites basically look the same wherever you see them. Something that in the past was very difficult to do.