How to grow an organic network

Twitter and Facebook help grow an organic networkOrganic networksMarketing has all sorts of great jargon like “Active” and “Passive” marketing, or “Organic” vs. “Cultured”. Some types of marketing cross the label boundaries and would feature in lists of different marketing types. A good example of this is online promotion. Online promotion is a very broad term which covers a whole range of Active and Passive marketing strategies, as well as organic and cultured.

So what’s it all mean?
Organic networks

Organic marketing is where the interest in your product or service is grown without spending large amounts of money placing adverts or links. Organic networks develop over time and are much more powerful than sponsored link growth. With organic growth the market slowly gets to know your company through activities like tweeting and facebooking. Other examples of organic marketing include product placement, viral and self distributing promotions and PR.